Firefox for Enterprise 95 - Release notes

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Except where noted, everything here applies to both Firefox 95 and the Firefox 91.4 ESR.

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Bug Fixes

  • Downloading files to mapped network drives can fail. This was fixed for Firefox 95 in bug 1731049. This fix will be in the next ESR (91.5).
  • Support for XFA PDF forms was added in Firefox 93 and has been enabled for the ESR in this release.


  • The ManagedBookmarks policy was still allowing links to be opened in a private window when private browsing was disabled. This was fixed in bug 1741217.
  • The FirefoxHome policy has been updated to support disabling sponsored sites and sponsored stories.
  • The Cookies policy has been updated to a support a new setting called Behavior that better maps to the existing cookie preferences, as well as offering control over Total Cookie Protection. The previous settings are deprecated but still available.
  • The Preferences policy has been updated to allow setting the preferences keyword.enabled and toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets.
  • The Bookmarks policy documentation has been updated to make it clear it can be used to remove all policy added bookmarks as well.

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