History of Customizing Firefox Using AutoConfig

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Unreviewed   PGGWriter "used to query" to "queries" to better fit language pattern. Debatably unnecessary.
Current M Wesley Branton Fixed formatting of note and spacing
Approved   NoahSUMO Changed mentions of http to https to increase security per a dev's suggestion
Approved M Mike Kaply Make location of files more clear.
Unreviewed   jbal4 added template
Approved M Dwight Added note that autoconfig.js must be Unix formatted.
Unreviewed   Michele Rodaro "you can specify" missing/deleted from previous revision + typo
Reviewed M NtH_ Update deprecated path, use the usual `mozilla.cfg` instead of `firefox.cfg`, add empty line at start of autoconfig
Approved M Wesley Branton Structure overhaul, voice change and minor rewording (See discussion)
Approved MT Joni new article for enterprise

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