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This article describes how to change Lightning settings. Most of the general Lightning settings can be set via the Options window. Other settings have to be changed via the Config Editor.

Options window

There are 2 ways of getting to the Options window.

  • Click the Tools menu at the top of the Thunderbird window and click the Add-ons item. Select the Lightning Extension and click the Options button.


  • Click the ThunderbirdToolsEdit menu at the top of the Thunderbird window and select PreferencesOptions. Select the Lightning panel.

Config Editor

The Config Editor can be accessed via the same Options window, but in a different panel. Instead of the Lightning panel, you need to select the Advanced panel, followed by the General tab.


Click the Config Editor button.


All settings, even the ones that are represented in the Options dialogue, can be changed in this Config Editor. The following settings can only be changed in the Config Editor:

  • calendar.itip.sendemail (default: true) Outdated. Pre 20080819 build
  • calendar.itip.notify (default: true) As from 20080819 build
  • calendar.itip.compatSendMode (default: 0)

The following setting is only available if the Google Provider plugin is installed:

  • (default: false)

This setting needs to be set to true in order for Google Calendars to show up in the selection list when accepting an invitation.

Calendar Properties

Each calendar has a set of properties that can be changed or set as well. For further information about setting Calendar properties, please refer to the Changing calendar preferences article.

Following is only applicable in combination with the Google Provider extension 0.5.1.

The Properties Window of a Google Calendar only shows an E-mail selection option if the setting is set to TRUE (see above).

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