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Firefox Firefox Last updated: 04/20/2018

Support for Cliqz integrated functions in Firefox is ending. If you would like to continue using Cliqz, please install the free Cliqz add-on.

Some versions of Firefox feature Cliqz recommendations in the address bar. Cliqz GmbH is a German company offering a privacy-oriented search experience.


Cliqz recommendations are currently only available for users in Germany and only in the German language.

How to Use Cliqz Recommendations

Versions of Firefox with Cliqz recommendations have a unified address bar. To see Cliqz recommendations, simply start typing in the address bar.

You may see several types of recommendations, including web page recommendations, Firefox history and bookmark results, and search suggestions from your default search engine.

cliqz overview

Contact Cliqz Support

If you have difficulty using Cliqz recommendations, you may read the Cliqz FAQ or contact Cliqz support.

Disable Location Sharing or Browser Data Collection

Cliqz uses your location to provide local recommendations. Human Web is the data collection mechanism that powers Cliqz recommendations. You can learn more about data collection here.

  1. To disable location sharing or browser data collection, click the gear icon in the address bar.
  2. Change the setting for Share Location.
  3. To stop browser data collection, change the setting for Human Web to disabled.
    cliqz location sharing

Disable or Uninstall Cliqz Recommendations

To check if the Cliqz feature is enabled or to stop data collection:

  1. Type about:addons into your Firefox address bar.
  2. Click Extensions on the left panel.
  3. If installed, Cliqz will appear on the right:
    • Click Disable to turn off Cliqz and stop related data collection.
    • Click Remove to uninstall Cliqz from Firefox and all related data collection.

Data Privacy for Firefox with Cliqz

When Cliqz is enabled:

  • Firefox shares the following data with Cliqz to provide functionality and improve performance of the Cliqz feature for everyone:
    • Search queries & webpage data: This includes text as you type in the address bar, queries you send to certain search engines, and data about the webpages you visit and interactions with those pages, such as mouse movements, scrolls, and time spent.
    • Interaction data: This includes your interactions with specific fields and buttons in the Cliqz feature. This data is tied to a unique identifier allowing Cliqz to understand performance over time.
  • Firefox shares the following data with Mozilla to better understand interactions between Firefox and the Cliqz feature:
    • Interaction Data: This includes counts of visits to search engine pages, which search engines you use, and a Cliqz identifier.

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