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Current M Roland Tanglao fix nits and now Thunderbird pops up a new TB window not a browser window
Approved M mihait Article revamped for latest release of TB and W10. Restructed with step-by-step instructions and new screengrabs.
Approved M Paul Updated URL away from MDN (article not longer exists)
Approved M Matt AO is incolved in this mess
Approved M Toad-Hall Added note for Yahoo users redirecting them to correct information.
Approved M Tonnes for tb59 -> tb60
Approved M Tonnes Create a new account -> Set up an account (tb59 - needs selector enabled before approval), nits
Approved M Tonnes proper web docs link (needs rfl)
Approved   Artist minor edits (added "a"; Mozilla Developer Center ➜ MDN web docs)
Approved M Chris Ilias Replace ISP Database link, so we can archive that article
Approved M Tonnes +Existing (Mail Account), ... click Email, press->click
Approved M user917725 Summary reduction
Approved   vesper substituting pipes for > (navigation)
Approved   user917725 removed Template:ShareArticle
Approved M gpiero row#18 - Added two links. It make easier to look up more technical details for both protocols
Approved M gpiero Added a missing step. During the configuration process Thunderbird open a window and propose a service not mentioned in the article
Approved   gpiero Added a space between "when" and "you" in the line #5
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added share template
Approved MT Thunderbird Migration Imported from SUMOMO 2014-02-14 09:44:44

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