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Unreviewed   thomas8 Update for TB91 (will work correctly when tb91 version selector is available)
Current M Chris Ilias remove locale from holidays link - see https://github.com/thundernest/thunderbird-website/issues/78
Approved   Chris Ilias remove duplicate "the"
Approved M Chris Ilias add locale to holidays URLs, make ICS line a note
Unreviewed   Chris Ilias move ICS line down a step, correct format of "iCalendar"
Unreviewed   Chris Ilias complete rewrite
Approved   vesper substituting pipes for > (navigation)
Approved M user669794 removed share article
Approved   Dyvik Chenna Share this article added
Approved MT Thunderbird Migration Imported from SUMOMO 2014-02-14 09:44:44

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