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Current   AliceWyman more than 20,000 -> thousands of
Unreviewed   BD The number of extensions has been updated
Approved M Mozinet minor edits
Approved M AliceWyman fixed spacing errors in text links to KB articles (bug 1867499 comment 1)
Approved MT Sial.blogging The revised section emphasizes the exclusivity and quality of "Recommended Extensions." It paints a vivid picture of a rigorous selection process, with the Firefox team and the community handpicking the very best.
Approved   Lucas Siebert Fixed typo
Approved   Lucas Siebert Minor update to the copy (clarity)
Approved   Lucas Siebert Change to correct the verb agreement.
Approved M Lan removed redundant Share Article link
Approved   lisah933 Reduced redundancy and increased clarity and grammar
Unreviewed   Bithiah Placed sharing link
Unreviewed   Andy More brief, less redundancy, and other minor changes.
Approved M Caitlin Neiman Removed Verified & Sponsored information
Approved M Caitlin Neiman Add section for sponsored placement; update caution label
Approved MT Joni new article

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