Enable or disable Local Network Access on iOS

Mozilla VPN Mozilla VPN 作成日: 05/08/2024
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This feature allows you to control whether or not your device can access devices on the local network while the VPN is on. Examples of these can be your network printer, your smart TV and any other “internet of things” device on your local network. It also impacts AirDrop and CarPlay. You can enable or disable this option through your Mozilla VPN settings.

Note that on Mozilla VPN for Android, Windows and Linux, you can access all local network devices by default and this option is not available.
  1. On the bottom left corner, select your Settings.
    settings without the speedtest
  2. Select the Preferences option.
    VPN Preferences
  3. Click LAN settings.
    VPN Lan settings
  4. Slide the toggle to the right to turn it on or to the left to turn it off.
    LAN toggle ON
Note: The toggle will be grayed out when it’s off and green when it’s on.

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