Creating a new event or task

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This article describes how to create a new event or task in Lightning on Thunderbird.

Event - A calendar entry that represents something that will happen whether you take action or not. For example, meetings and birthdays are events.

Task - A calendar entry that represents some action by you. For example, writing a report and visiting a client are tasks.

Creating a new event

Creating an event is easy. Simply do one of the following things:

  • Click the File menu at the top of the Thunderbird window, or click the menu button New Fx MenuThe image "fx57menu" does not exist..
  • Select the New submenu and select Event.
  • Press the Shortcut Ctrl + I.
  • Click the New event button in the Today pane.
  • Double-click on Today, Tomorrow or Soon in the events overview of the Today pane.


In both Calendar Mode and Event Mode you can use the above methods but you can also use the dedicated New Event button in the "Calendar Toolbar":

In this window you can set the details of the event. Here's a description of all the possible values:

  • Title: The name of the event. This is what you will see when you first glance at the calendar
  • Location: Where the event will be taking place
  • Category: What type of event is it?
  • Calendar: Which calendar would you like to store the event in (see Creating new calendars)
  • Start and End: Choose the time the event begins, and the time that it ends
  • Repeat: If this event will happen again, check this box (see Creating a recurring event)
  • Reminder: Will pop up with an alarm at a specified time before the event.
  • Description: A brief summary/list of the event

By default event are assumed to have a start and end date and time.

You can set these dates and times by entering them via the keyboard in the respective field or by clicking on the drop-down arrow in that same field. You will then be presented with the following selection options:


When changing the start date, the end date will automatically be set to the same date.


You select a time by first selecting the hours and then the minutes. The window will close automatically after selecting the minutes.

If you want to use a time that is not shown, you can extend the selections by clicking on the >> button at the bottom right.


If the event does not have a start or end time you can select the All day event tick-box after which the start and end time will be greyed out.


Creating a new task

To create a task follow one of these steps:

  • Click the File menu at the top of the Thunderbird window, or click the menu button New Fx MenuThe image "fx57menu" does not exist..
  • Select the New submenu and select Task.
  • Press the Shortcut Ctrl + D.
  • Click the New task button in the Today pane.

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