Multi-Hop - Encrypt your data twice for enhanced security while using Mozilla VPN

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When you browse the internet using Mozilla VPN on your device, your data is encrypted and routed through a secure web server, which prevents others from tracing your online activity back to your IP address. For added protection, configure Mozilla VPN to encrypt your traffic and route it through two locations instead of one, which we call “Multi-hop”.

Follow these steps to enable double encryption on your device:

  1. Open Mozilla VPN and click on Select Location.
    Select location no speedtest
  2. Select Multi-hop.
    multihop no speedtest
  3. Choose an entry location and an exit location. These will be the two servers through which your data will be encrypted when you browse.
    entry location no speedtest

In this example your network request is sent first to Toronto and then to Sofia, enhancing your privacy, to finally reach the internet destination you want. Once a response is generated it will follow back this path going first through Sofia, then Toronto, and finally reaching your device.

Are there any disadvantages of using multiple servers to encrypt my data?

When you use multiple servers to encrypt your traffic, you may notice that your Internet speed slows down, the battery of your mobile devices may drain faster and the number of countries you can choose from may also be reduced.

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