Manage optional permissions for Firefox extensions on Android

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Firefox for Android version 128 puts you in control of the data you share with Extensions. By managing optional permissions, you ensure that extensions only access what's necessary for their operation, safeguarding your privacy.

When you install an Extension, it might request permission to access certain data or features. Some extensions may need additional permissions to enable more features. The first time an extension attempts to use these features, you will see a prompt asking you to allow or deny these optional permissions. This way, you have the final say on what each extension can access, ensuring your data stays protected.

Extensions - optimal permissions overview

How to view and manage optional permissions

Follow these steps to manage optional permissions:

  1. Tap the menu button android menu icon .
  2. In the menu, tap Extensions to view a list of your installed extensions.
    If you see the IG extensions Extensions Manager option, tap it.
  3. Choose an extension to view more details. Here, you'll find specifics about what the extension can do and the permissions it requires.
    Extensions - optimal permissions 1
  4. Tap on Extensions - optimal permissions - inline image. Here, you can see all permissions the extension has requested.
    Extensions - optimal permissions 2
  5. If there are optional permissions, they will be listed under Optional. You can toggle these permissions on Firefox android toggle or off Firefox android toggle off according to your preference.
    Extensions - optimal permissions 3

For details about permissions for Firefox extensions, see Permission request messages for Firefox extensions.

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