Keyboard shortcuts in Firefox for iOS

Keyboard shortcuts let you perform common tasks without touch the screen or use a mouse.

Note: To use these shortcuts you will need to configure a Bluetooth keyboard or use an adapter to your iOS device.


Command Shortcut
Settings command


Command Shortcut
New tab command + T
New private tab shift + command + P
shift + command + N
Select address bar command + L
Open link in background command + tap link
Open link in new tab shift + command + tap link
Close tab command + W
Save page as… command + S
Download link option + tap link


Command Shortcut
Select all command + A
Find in page command + F
Find again command + G


Command Shortcut
Reload page command + R
Zoom in command + +
Zoom out command + -
Actual size command + 0


Command Shortcut
Show history command + Y
Back command +
command + [
Forward command +
command + ]
Clear recent history shift + command + delete


Command Shortcut
Show bookmarks shift + command + O
Add bookmark command + D


Command Shortcut
Show downloads command + J


Command Shortcut
Show tab overview shift + command + \ (same as Safari)
Show previous tab shift + command + [
Show next tab shift + command + ]
Show tab number 1-9 command + 1-9

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