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Pocket and Mozilla Logos

Introduction to Pocket Integration in Firefox

Pocket is seamlessly integrated into Firefox! This means that Pocket is ready to be used in Firefox, with no additional setup necessary. Additionally, Firefox users can use their Mozilla account to sign up for Pocket.

This article answers frequently asked questions about this integration.

What is Pocket and why is it appearing in Firefox?

Pocket is part of the Mozilla family, like Firefox. Pocket is built into Firefox so you can conveniently save any article, video, or web page with the click of a button.

In case you're not familiar, Pocket makes it easy to discover high-quality content that's worthy of your attention and to save content so you can return to it when you have the time. Pocket's free mobile apps allow you to view your saved content from anywhere, even if your device is offline.

I'm not seeing the Pocket button in my toolbar. What should I do?

Don't worry if you don't see a Pocket button in Firefox - there's usually a simple solution. You may have disabled Pocket or removed the Pocket button. See this article for solutions and visit this page for a helpful guide for using Pocket in Firefox: Save web pages for later with Pocket for Firefox.

I'm new to Pocket. How do I get started?

Welcome! To get started, just sign up for a Pocket account and click the Pocket button in your Address Bar to save links to your list. You can read your saves on Pocket's website.

Do I have to create an account to use Pocket?

Yes, you will need to create an account to use Pocket.

Firefox should remember your Pocket account so that you can easily save whenever you click the Pocket button. If you're asked to log in every time, Firefox may be having trouble keeping track of your account. This can happen when your Firefox Privacy settings are set to "Never remember history," or if you are using custom privacy settings. Click here for additional troubleshooting.

A blank popup has been known to appear if you're using the NoScript browser extension. To fix this, please add Pocket to the whitelist by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Pocket website and make sure you're logged in
  2. Visit NoScript Options
  3. Click the Whitelist tab
  4. Paste the following text: about:pocket-saved
  5. Click Allow
  6. Paste the following text: about:pocket-signup
  7. Click Allow
  8. Click OK

That's it! Now you will see the "Page Saved" message and will be able to use the additional functionality inside this popup.

Now that Pocket is integrated into Firefox, will it stop working in other browsers?

Not at all! Pocket is universally accessible and is available in browsers and mobile apps. Pocket is not exclusively tied to any specific platform, so you can truly discover, save, and view the content you care about on any device and using any browser.

Can I disable the Pocket button if I'm not interested in using this integration?

If you do not wish to use Pocket, you may disable it by following these instructions.

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