Secure your Mozilla account with two-step authentication

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In today's digital world, protecting your Mozilla account is essential for online security. Two-step authentication helps you with that by adding an extra layer of protection that will make it harder for someone else to sign in to your account, especially when your password is compromised.

Once you enable two-step authentication, when someone attempts to sign in to your account with your password, Mozilla will also ask for an authentication code from your authentication application for proof that it’s really you.

How do I enable two-step authentication?

Step one

Before you get started, install one of the following authentication applications:

Step two

Now that one of the applications is installed, you can set up two-step authentication in Firefox:

  1. Click the menu button Fx89menuButton to open the menu panel.
  2. Click your Mozilla account on the menu panel (it will show your name or email address if you're signed in).
  3. Click Manage account. Your Mozilla account settings page will open.
  4. Under Security, click the Add button next to Two-step authentication.
    • A QR code will display.
  5. Open the authentication app of your choice.
  6. Use the app to scan the QR code with the camera and register your Mozilla account in the app.
    • You can also click Can’t scan code? to display a code to enter into the app. (If you are entering the code manually on Authy, search Firefox 100 to get the latest logo.)
  7. Enter the code generated by the app into the field below the QR code and click Continue.
    • A list of one-time use backup authentication codes will show up.
    Note: Download or print your backup authentication codes and keep them in a safe place, in case you lose or cannot access your authentication application.
  8. Copy any one of the backup authentication codes and click Continue.
  9. Paste the code to confirm that you have saved them (if you haven't, click the arrow on the left to go back to the list of codes and copy one).
  10. Click Finish.
    • The setup of two-step authentication on your Mozilla account is now complete!

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