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The English-language knowledge base alone has over a thousand articles! A hundred of these articles get over a million combined visits a day. We focus our efforts on certain articles, depending on their visibility. This guide will explain how we determine "top" or highly-visible or high-impact articles, or articles that need prioritization.

Top articles

Any article that receives more than 100,000 views is a top article. While you can revise these articles, any significant changes (changes that affect the instructions or layout of an article) must be discussed they are approved.

These discussions can take place in the Article discussion forums, on Bugzilla, Matrix or email. If a discussion takes place in a bug, Matrix room or email, a thread must be posted to the forum to give other contributors more context for these changes.

Smaller articles

These are articles with less than 100,000 views each. These articles do not have to be prioritized, unless we anticipate that an article will get more visibility, for example, if it will be linked in-product or shared via social media or a web page.

New articles

New articles can be categorized in various ways.

  • If a new article is created for a special purpose like a recent bug or a crucial new feature, treat it as a top article.
  • If there’s no reason to think that an article will be important right away, treat it as a smaller article.

Types of article changes

Just like articles have varying levels of visibility, so do changes.

Big changes

Big changes fundamentally change the existing article. They include:

  • Adding a new section
  • Removing an existing section
  • Extensive rewriting (more than simplifying and removing jargon)
  • Rewriting section headings
  • Reordering sections
  • Changing the scope of the article

Minor changes

Not all changes affect articles in a big way. Minor changes don’t affect what the article is telling readers. Minor changes include:

  • Spelling and grammar corrections
  • Simplifying existing language and removing jargon
  • Fixing issues with wiki markup
  • Updating links
  • Updating keywords

For more detailed information about revising articles, check out the Article review and approval guidelines.

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