How to download and install Mozilla VPN on Android

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Download and install Mozilla VPN to connect to the internet through one of our secure servers, keeping your location and online activity private and throwing off data collectors.

Your subscription allows you to run Mozilla VPN on up to five devices at the same time. If Mozilla VPN is installed on multiple profiles on one device, each profile will count as a device. To learn more, visit Are there limits to my Mozilla VPN connection?
Note: Mozilla VPN is available for Android 8.0 and up.

To download and install Mozilla VPN on your Android device:

  1. Visit Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Install to start the download.
    VPN install Play Store
  3. Wait for the installation to complete.
  4. Tap Open to launch the application.
    VPN open Play Store
  5. Tap Get Started and sign in with your Mozilla account credentials. If you don’t have a subscription, visit the Mozilla VPN website and choose the plan that is right for you.
    VPN get started
  6. When connecting for the first time, an Android message will ask you to allow Mozilla VPN to set up a VPN connection. This is necessary to route your internet traffic via the Mozilla VPN servers. Tap Allow to continue. You may be asked to confirm your choice if your device is password protected.

All set! The Mozilla VPN installation is completed. Check How do I turn on Mozilla VPN? and How do I choose my server on Mozilla VPN? for next steps.

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