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Note: was decommissioned on November 5th, 2020 and will automatically redirect to - an integrated, updated version of our staff and community directories.

The majority of the data associated with has been deleted (except for vouching information). If you have vouches associated with your mozillians account, you will still be able to view them by accessing the page - an archived, simplified version of You will then be able to access, change or delete your personal information. lists all core individuals and groups that participate in the Mozilla Project. This directory is a resource to make it easy for Mozillians to learn who is involved, what they do and how to connect with them. It also allows you to receive email communications from Mozilla. Its privacy policy is available here.

What data do you receive from my account?

Required Account Data

  • Username
  • Full name
  • Country
  • Mozillians who have vouched for you

We will authenticate your account using OAuth.

Optional Account Data

  • Region, time zone, and city
  • Length of time as a Mozillian
  • Biography (blank text box)
  • Groups
  • Tags
  • Skills
  • Languages
  • Website(s)
  • Links to other accounts (e.g. Bugzilla, Mozilla Discourse, Mozilla Wiki, Mozilla Reps, Skype, Telegram, Twitter)

How do I access my account data?

This is easily accessible by logging in to your account at

How do I update my account data?

You can update or edit your personal data at

How do I delete my account data?

To delete your account, use the delete button at the bottom of your profile page at This will delete all of your profile information, including both required and any optional information you might have provided.

How long do you keep my account data?

We keep it for as long as your account is open, unless you choose to delete it.

We do keep any assurance (vouches) you’ve given to other Mozillians, but we remove your personal data so they can’t be identified as coming from you. Your name is removed from other users’ profiles and replaced with “Unknown Voucher”.

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