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Thunderbird FAQ 185
Answering questions on the Support Forum 25
Add section on using Artificial Intelligence in forum replies and link to Contributor Policy - Usage of Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT)
What do the SSLv3 error messages mean on Firefox? 17
Move to Administration category? See discussion
Adding screencasts 11
Updates needed - see discussion.
Surf and watch videos on Firefox for Fire TV 10
Archive? Support for Firefox on Amazon Fire TV or Echo Show ended April 30, 2021.
Web pages aren't displaying properly in Firefox for Android 7
Needs further review before L10N
Add Search Engine to Open Search 6
Doesn't work on Thunderbird 60
How to use "For" tags 5
1) Need to update periodically to coincide with Firefox version number changes 2)Add examples and info for using ShowFor with other products such as Thunderbird? Article currently applies only to Firefox for Desktop.
Thunderbird 128 Nebula FAQ 5
needs approval, do not translate, see
Unify your POP email accounts with a global inbox 3
Needs Windows and Linux screenshots - CI [2018-07-20]
Add-on signing in Firefox for Android 2
Need to update MDN links - see discussion
Best practices for answering questions in the Support Forum - Edits welcome! 2
Archive this article? see Discussion.
Hide Pocket recommendations in Firefox 2
Could use screenshot(s) for the Firefox for iOS section.
How to use a Virtual Card (vCard) 2
Needs new screenshots for linux.
Access pages from other devices with Firefox View 1
Windows screenshots need update (The Firefox View icon has changed in V119)
Add a website shortcut to your home screen on Android 1
Providing a screenshot will be a nice addition to the article just like the iOS one.
Add the Search bar to your Firefox toolbar 1
[Fx124] Automatic Search bar removal if not used for 120 days (bug 1852051)
Angry User Training 1
Archive this article? See discussion.
Config Editor 1
add rest of icons using the SVGs from comm central l before localizing
Configuration Options for Accounts 1
needs documentation for NNTP, Chat, and SMTP - CI 2018-02-01
Connection settings in Firefox 1
Add missing setting descriptions? (see discussion)
Contributors guide on Firefox advanced customization with CSS 1
mention userContent.css (see discussion)
Contributors Guide to Writing a Good Bug 1
Existing Guidelines for Writing your First Bug: MDN page is a bad link (bug 1721056)
Customer Service Contributor Forum Skills 1
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) FAQs 1
1. Article title - remove hyphens? 2. Broken protocol links for DNS-over-TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH). See discussion.
Escalation Guidelines 1
Archive or redirect? see discussion.
Filelink for Large Attachments 1
i just fixed the link to developer documentation. Other changes still required include changing Preferences to Settings for macOS and more!
Firefox DNS-over-HTTPS 1
Article title - remove hyphens? See discussion.
Firefox doesn't save web form entries 1
[Add common issues section] 2 scenarios Firefox cannot control (see discussion posted Dec 20, 2017)
Firefox for Fire TV 1
Archive this and other Amazon Fire TV and Echo articles? Support ended April 30, 2021.
Firefox for iOS (Xcode Simulator) 1
Add a note (or link) for the dependencies that aren't installed on macOS by default (git, pip, brew).
"Firefox is already running but is not responding" error - How to fix 1
Needs review for win11
Firefox Support troubleshooting guide 1
Review for other outdated info (see discussion)
Getting started with Pocket for iOS Beta 1
Technical review needed. Is content outdated? See discussion.
Helping with crashes 1
Could use updated screenshots for the sections on malware and extensions.
How to Customize Toolbars 1
still need to modernize to 102 :-)
How to find the Pocket app crash logs on iOS 1
See discussion for needed updates,which include how to Sync iOS device with computer, if possible, and instructions for Windows 8 and above.
How to navigate and use the support forum platform 1
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Instant Messaging and Chat 1
Facebook chat doesn't work anymore, see Further image edits are required to replace images that show Facebook.
Instructions for obtaining a personal S/MIME certificate by creating a CSR 1
WIP, do not localize, feature still under development and in Daily and is not generally available until TB 128, needs approval from Kai. This article will not be set Ready for Localization until just before 128 is released.
Keyboard shortcuts - perform common Thunderbird tasks quickly 1
needs simplification and also needs to be checked for more typos / keyboard shortcuts that need to be checked
Message Tags - Categorize your email in Thunderbird 1
Needs Linux screenshots - CI 2016-07-18
Mobile Accessibility Features 1
[verdi] This article should be merged with "How to use TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility"
Mozilla Support rules and guidelines 1
Add section on using Artificial Intelligence and link to Contributor Policy - Usage of Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT)
Multi-Account Containers 1
Bug 1869372 Linux note update needed (see discussion) ... and change Note to Warning?
New in Thunderbird 128 Nebula 1
More stuff to come on July 15 and beyond :-)
Protect your Thunderbird passwords with a Primary Password 1
modernize screenshots and general tidying up
Restore the default Smart Bookmarks Folders 1
Archive? see discussion.
Safari Integration in Firefox iOS 1
Thanks, Rodrigo. Would you like to send another revision to modify the "enable Firefox Focus in Safari" section into heading level 2? See for markup cheat sheet.
Send files to anyone securely with Firefox Send 1
Sending and Receiving Messages on Thunderbird 1
needs somebody else to proof read set to RFL
Tagging in Pocket for Android 1
Add links for Bulk Edit and Lists
Template:top5afterword 1
Archive this "experimental" template? See discussion.
Thunderbird 115 Supernova FAQ 1
a few more FAQs to add before setting "Ready for localization"
Thunderbird and Gmail 1
still needs tb115 screenshots and lots of other minor tweaks
Thunderbird and OpenPGP Alias Keys 1
Trouble activating or restoring your Pocket Premium subscription 1
mailto:premium@ email address needs review (see discussion)
Troubleshoot Mode Thunderbird 1
fix minor typos and do another pass of this article before setting to RFL see:
Unload inactive tabs to save system memory in Firefox 1
[Fx95] Automatic tab unloading to be enabled on macOS in Firefox 95 release? (bug 1730066) - see discussion
Using OpenPGP secret keys that advertise features that are not supported by Thunderbird 1
needs cleanup before being localized!
What is the Accessibility Service Indicator? 1
Archive this article? (bug 1783025)
What is the Mozilla Maintenance Service? 1
[Fx123] "Use a background service to install updates" setting removal (bug 1461755)
What is the winmail.dat attachment? 1
Link to MS Support Bulletin/Article discussion: - cilias [2018-11-28]
Workaround to make Estonian Smartcards work in Firefox 76+ 1
Archive this article? See discussion.
Evaluating a Solution in the Forum
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Forum response - Add Yahoo Search to Firefox
[Fx61] Search engine discovery added to address bar (bug 1221539)
Forum response - Bookmark folders missing in Firefox Quantum
Change response title to remove "Quantum" and update link in common forum responses (see discussion)
Forum response - Download Token
Forum response - feature requests for firefox for ios
Add back to common forum responses when updating how to send feedback (see discussion)
Forum Response - Websites will not load after Firefox update
Update response title and common forum responses link (see discussion)
General questions about privacy protection scans
Administration category article: Move to "How to" category? Mark RFL? See discussion.
How to answer escalated questions
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Support forum - Find support questions
1. Restore link to "How to navigate..." article once it's updated. 2. Moved to Administration category until articles in the "Complete Forum Support Guidelines" section are approved. See discussion.
Needs to be updated with each new release
please don't localize, just an experiment for now
Using Pontoon to Localize SUMO
Verbatim >> Pontoon
What's new in Firefox 5.0
Archive this article?
What's new in Firefox Preview 3.0
Archive this article?