Participate in early testing (foxfooding)

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Do you enjoy testing new products? Then you might be interested in our foxfooding program.

Foxfooding is our internal testing or "dogfooding" program. The goal is to encourage all Mozillians to give early feedback about the products that we are shipping.

Install Beta or Nightly version

You can participate in testing new features early by using the Beta or Nightly version. Here's where you can find more information about the beta and nightly version per product.

Product name Beta version Nightly version
Firefox desktop
Firefox for Android Firefox for Android Beta Firefox for Android Nightly
Firefox for iOS Firefox for iOS Beta -
Firefox Focus for Android Firefox Focus for Android Beta Firefox Focus for Android Nightly
Firefox Focus for iOS Firefox Focus for iOS Beta -

Other foxfooding program

Check out the Community Portal to get to know the latest campaign, including foxfooding program for contributors. If you have access to Slack, you can also join the #foxfooding channel to participate. Otherwise, you can also join the Matrix channel.

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