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Add-on Support Guidelines for Contributors

This is an overview about add-ons.

  • Have you seen any questions about add-ons lately?
  • Bulleted list itemDid the question owner not find a support site listed for an add-on?
  • Bulleted list itemPerhaps they just need an add-on to help improve their experience.

Nonetheless, there are going to be some questions about these. This background information about add-ons can be useful to a new or advanced contributor.

Suggesting an add-on

When suggesting an add-on, pay particular attention to the platform and operating system version you search for at [addons.mozilla.org]. For support issues with add-ons in Firefox or Firefox for Android supported add-ons First suggest that they try Safe Mode. You can also suggest that the user disable their add-on by navigating to about:addons. For questions about a specific add-on, please ask the user to contact the developer directly by navigating to the add-on’s listing on addons.mozilla.org. The user can navigate to any support sites that are included on the listing or by leaving a review.

Or, if there are any preliminary questions, visit the irc channel #addons

If the add-on becomes malicious or causes issues with the performance of Firefox, click the “report abuse” button.

Where do I go for add-on support?

Addons.mozilla.org has a forum for addon developers. To report an issue or contact the developer of a particular add-on, please go to the add-on’s listing on addons.mozilla.org. Mozilla cannot guarantee an update, however this is the main channel of support for an add-on you or the user just cannot live without.

Blocklisting Extensions

If there is an issue and you need to file a bug for blocking Use the component - add-on and refer to these guidelines: block request: Blocklisting and provide as much information as possible. Please follow these guidelines when filing a bug. Advanced contributor challenge questions Have you ever had malware in an add-on before, do you know what this looks like? What troubleshooting information is needed to show unusual behavior? What would you recommend to an add-on developer having trouble uploading their new add-on? Who would you contact if the user was having trouble with the approval process?

If you are interested in learning more on how to contribute: Developing Add-ons Review development documentation on the Mozilla Developer Network. Ask questions on the Discourse forum for add-ons. Join the Add-ons Matrix room. Join the add-on developer mailing list.

Publishing Add-ons to addons.mozilla.org (AMO)

Go to https://addons.mozilla.org/developers/addon/submit/distribution Select “On this site” as the distribution option Upload your file

Once submitted, your add-on will be reviewed by a team of experienced developers who are dedicated to ensuring that all add-ons listed on AMO are secure and reliable.

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