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Extensions allow you to add features to Firefox to customize your browsing experience. Extensions are software programs, most often developed by a third party, that modify the way Firefox works.

Recommended extensions differ from other extensions that are regularly reviewed by Firefox staff in that they are curated extensions that meet the highest standards of security, functionality, and user experience. Firefox staff thoroughly evaluate each extension before it receives Recommended status.

Here are all of the current Recommended extensions.

How are Recommended extensions selected?

Mozilla editorial staff identify feature worthy content. When evaluating extensions, curators are primarily concerned with:

  • Does the extension function at an exemplary level? All Recommended extensions should not only function as they promise, but function at an extremely high level. For instance, there are many ad blockers out there, but not all ad blockers are equally effective.
  • Is the extension safe? Firefox is committed to helping protect you against third-party software that may inadvertently compromise your data —or worse— breach your privacy with malicious intent. Before an extension receives Recommended status, it undergoes rigorous technical review by staff security experts.
  • Does the extension offer an exceptional user experience? Recommended extensions should be delightful to use, so curators look for content that is easy to manage and well designed.
  • Is the extension relevant to a general, international audience? The tightly-curated nature of Recommended extensions means we may only feature up to a few hundred, or less, at a time. We try to select content that will be relevant to Firefox users around the globe.
  • Is the extension actively developed? Developers of Recommended extensions must maintain their content to ensure it evolves with the needs of Firefox users.

Where do I find Recommended extensions?

You can discover Recommended extensions on (AMO), a hosting platform where you can explore thousands of extensions and themes (custom skins for Firefox).

Recommended extensions are indicated by special badging:


Recommended extensions may also be found while browsing with Firefox and through the Add-ons Manager.

Can developers pay to be recommended?

No. All Recommended content is curated solely for the purpose of providing Firefox users with great browsing tools and experiences.

What are the risks of installing non-recommended extensions?

There are thousands of extensions and the vast majority are built with honest intent to provide people with useful tools and features. But even extensions built with the best intentions may inadvertently expose or otherwise compromise sensitive data.

Also, unfortunately, there are a few bad actors out there intent on stealing user data. One method of mining information can be through tricking users into installing malicious extensions.

Due to the curated nature of Recommended extensions, each extension undergoes a thorough technical security review to ensure it adheres to Mozilla’s add-on policies.

To be clear, just because an extension is not Recommended, that doesn't mean it's unsafe. It simply means it's not vetted by Mozilla and you should install at your own risk. Here are additional tips for assessing the safety of an extension.

What are Recommended themes?

Themes enable you to change the appearance of Firefox. A community-driven team curates Recommended themes for high aesthetic quality, resolution, and composition.

Note: As themes do not pose any potential security risk, they do not undergo a security review. However, all themes distributed for use in Firefox must comply with Mozilla’s add-on policies, Conditions of Use, and add-on content guidelines.

Can I suggest extensions to become Recommended?

Yes. If there’s extension you feel should be Recommended, please email amo-featured [at] mozilla [dot] org with a link to its AMO listing page.

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