Manage your extensions using the extensions button in the toolbar

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The extensions button and panel introduced in Firefox version 109 lets you access, remove, report and manage your extensions and their permissions, directly from the toolbar. This article describes this new feature and answers some common questions.


Manage extensions

Click the extensions button (jigsaw puzzle Fx109ExtensionsButton icon) in the toolbar to open the extensions panel. Each extension in the panel has a menu button with a gear Fx91GearIcon icon. You can use this menu button to manage those extensions.
Note: Extensions pinned to the toolbar and disabled extensions do not appear in this panel.
Unified_extensionsExtensions panel with move up/down

When you click the gear Fx91GearIcon icon next to an extension, a menu will open with a list of options:

  • Pin to Toolbar: pins the extension to the Firefox toolbar (this option may not be available for certain extensions, such as search engine add-ons).
  • Move Up or Move Down: allows you to change the order of extensions in the panel. (In some cases, the Move Up or Move Down menu items may not be available because the extension cannot be moved in either or any direction.)
  • Manage Extension: opens the Add-ons Manager where you can manage extension settings.
  • Remove Extension: uninstalls the extension from Firefox.
  • Report Extension: reports the extension to Mozilla.

Click Manage extensions at the bottom of the panel to open the Add-ons Manager, where you can view, enable, disable, remove and manage all of your installed extensions.

Manage pinned extensions

Extensions pinned to the toolbar can be managed from the context menu. Right-clickHold down the control key while you click the pinned extension in the toolbar to view the available options.

  • You can unpin an extension from the toolbar and restore it to the extensions panel by removing the check mark from the Pin to Toolbar option.
  • Pinned extensions can be moved to a different position on the navigation (main) toolbar using the Customize Toolbar… option: Go to the top of the Customize Firefox page, "grab" one of the pinned extension icons and then drag and drop it to a new position.

Website permissions

The following applies to permission notifications and managing permissions for Manifest V3 (MV3) extensions, the new standard in Firefox extensions.

Permission notifications

After installing an extension, if you navigate to a website that requires permissions for the extension to work, the extensions button will display a notification dot. If the extension is already pinned in the toolbar, the notification dot will appear below the extension icon.

When the extension needs access to the current page, a notification dot also appears under the extension icon in the panel:

When the extension already has access (or does not need any) and it opens a panel as part of its functionality, this panel is anchored to the extensions button:

Manage extension permissions

  1. Click the extensions button in the toolbar.
  2. Locate the extension with the green notification dot in the panel.
  3. Click the menu button (gear icon) to manage its permissions.
  4. Select the permissions you wish to grant to the extension.

Common questions

Why is my extension not shown when I click the extensions button?

Only extensions that are enabled will appear in the extensions panel. Extensions that are pinned to the toolbar are also not shown. In addition, the list of extensions might be different when private browsing mode is being used (to learn more, see Extensions in Private Browsing).

Why is the panel not shown when I click the extensions button?

If no extensions are installed or if all extensions are either disabled or pinned to the toolbar, the extensions panel is not shown. Instead, the Add-ons Manager Personalize Your Firefox page will open in a new tab.

I clicked an extension from the panel but nothing happens – What can I do?

Some extensions (such as search engine add-ons) don't have a browser action button, so clicking the extension from the panel does nothing. However, this may also be caused by a bug in the extension. To report this, you’ll need to contact the extension developer directly through the page you installed the extension from at

Can I remove the extensions button from the toolbar or customize its location?

It is not possible to remove the extensions button from the toolbar. This is by design. The extensions button is now the primary user interface and allows access to per-site permissions for MV3 extensions. (Modifying the advanced preference to disable this new feature is not supported and may prevent full use of some add-ons.) Starting in Firefox version 113, you can customize its location by moving it to a different position on the navigation toolbar.

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