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Firefox keeps track of the websites you visit in your browsing sessions. To view your browsing history:

Click the menu button Fx89menuButton to open the menu panel. Click History and then click the Manage history bar at the bottom to open the Library window.


The Library window that opens when you click the Manage History bar will show your browsing history.

Tip: it is also possible to perform the same operation quickly using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + H. Pressing Ctrl + HCommand + Shift + H will open your History in a sidebar.

From the Library window, you can search for a particular website you have visited using the Search History field in the top right corner. Double-click on a website to open it in the current tab. Right click on a website to view other actions, such as open in a new tab, open in a private window, bookmark the page, copy the URL, and more.

You can also sort all visited websites by name, tag or URL by clicking on the column labels.

It is possible to remove websites from your browsing history or clear the browsing history. See these articles to learn more:

In order to improve the relevance of history in Firefox, we've enabled storage of some additional information about site visits, starting in Firefox version 118.

The specific information we store is:

  • The amount of time you spend on a web page
  • The amount of time you spend explicitly typing on a web page
  • How much typing you do while you are on a web page
  • The amount of time you spend scrolling a web page
  • The total distance you have scrolled on a web page

This data is stored client-side only and not synced or sent to any servers, and it expires in 60 days. It is also not collected in private browsing mode.

These signals will be used in the future to show you better results in Firefox View and the address bar, including eliminating sites that aren't relevant like login interstitials and surfacing sites that you might have only visited once but spent a lot of time editing.

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